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  1. Sudden Weight Loss

This is an early symptom of some digestive cancers, for example, colon cancer. Weight loss can also be a symptom of liver cancer, so this condition affects the body’s ability to remove itself of waste and the appetite.

  1. Blood in Stool and Rectal Bleeding

These conditions can be a symptom of colorectal cancer. If you notice blood in the toilet, you should definitely visit your doctor.

  1. Swollen, Sore or Red Breasts

You should call your doctor, if you have any unknown changes in the breasts. You have to do this, because these symptoms can indicate breast cancer.

  1. Stoamch or Upset Stomach

If you have an upset stomach or stomach cramps may show colorectal cancer.

  1. Bleeding Between Periods or Painful or Heavy Periods

Most of the people report these problems as uterine or endometrial cancer. You should ask for a transvaginal ultrasound, if you notice anything unusual than your normal period.

  1. Nipple Changes

The nipples may flatten, invert and turn sideways, and  it can be an indication of breast cancer.

  1. A Skin Lump That Bleeds Easily, Becomes Crusty or Doesn’t Heal

The problems that are mentioned above can be a symptom of melanoma – skin cancer. Check your body for any unusual spots or growths.

  1. Swelling of Facial Features

Patients with lung cancer often notice puffiness, swelling, or even redness. The blood is prevented from flowing from the face and head.

  1. Pain in the Lower Right Side or Back

Many cancer patients report these conditions. They can be also a symptom of breast cancer.

  1. Changes in Nails


If you have some unknown and odd changes to the fingernails, several kinds of cancer can be indicated. Brown or black dots under the nail may be a sign of skin cancer. White or pail nails can indicate liver cancer.


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