Abused Doberman Joins Family, When He Grabs Toddler By Diaper Parents Are Scared To Death

When just looking at the facts, this story sounds like it will end tragically. A mistreated Doberman was recently adopted into a family. Four days later he is seen hurling the family’s 18-month-old child by the diapers through the air. Horrible things can happen in a seconds time. In this story, though there is much […]

Dad and toddler daughter sing along to Maroon 5 at bath time – and the internet can’t get enough

The bond between a father and daughter is very strong and perhaps there is no better time for parents to bond than after bath time when kids are clean, relaxed (hopefully) and usually ready for hugs before bedtime. This latest cute video to go viral combines these two delights as a dad and his daughter […]

Here’s The Important Reason A Cop Touches Your Tail Light After Pulling Someone Over

Now, we know one of the long-standing secrets of the police department. Well, it’s actually possible for you to have never noticed this (or maybe you’re just so much of a do-gooder that you’ve never been pulled over for excessive speeding or any one of a million things that you could do wrong on the […]

Why It’s Important To Understand What Happens To Babies When You Keep Them Barefoot

Every parent want their child to grow up smart. According to studies, there is a trick to make your baby smart and help develop his or her brain. This made parents question their way of raising their baby and wonder if they have been doing it wrong all this time. Even before the baby learns […]

Lady Leaving Walmart Notices Nervous Mom With Little Boy Mouth 6 Troubling Words, Hits The Brakes

It was a typical afternoon for Tia Withers, a mother of two in Ohio, she was running some errands with her kids in her car when she came across something unexpected that changed the course of the afternoon and the rest of the day. She was thrust into a situation where the life of a […]

Check All Your Old VHS Tapes Stashed Away, If You Have Any Of These You’ll Be $6,000 Richer

Before the digital world came to life, many of us are happy to buy loads of VHS tapes no matter how bulky they are. One of the most popular genres are kids movies and most of us have at least a couple of them; Cinderella, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Beauty and the […]

13-Year-Old Is Taken Back When People At Pool Party Say She Looks Pregnant, So She Takes A Test

Middle and high schools are the most fun and challenging years of our lives. There are so many things that we have learned and yet have to learn during these years. We get to improve our social skills while we are trying to fit in with the adult world. These are the years where others […]