Milky Way Cake


The first time 1k Recipes ran a recipe for the Milky Way Cake, grocery stores across the South reported a shortage of those beloved candy bars.  Grocers, here we go again! Buttermilk makes the cake layers super tender, while Ovaltine Chocolate Malt drink mix lends a whimsical, vintage flavor to the frosting and filling.

Milky Way Cake is a huge hit at our house, it is made with melted Milky Way candy bars and topped with a chocolate marshmallow ganache!


This Milky Way Cake recipe is totally different from anything I’ve ever tried before and it ended up being incredible! To make the cake batter, you actually use 8 melted Milky Way candy bars! The chocolate/caramel flavor comes out very strongly in the cake and is so yummy. The frosting is an amazing chocolate and marshmallow ganache that goes perfectly with the cake  – just make sure to have a large glass of milk nearby because it is pretty rich!

To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:

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