The Most Popular Chain Restaurant in Your State

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What’s your favorite fast-food restaurant? There are so many options to choose from, but depending on where you’re from, that choice may have already been made for you.

From the legendary golden arches, to local favorites, to some grade-A chicken, this list will show you the perfect and popular fast food options in your state. Ready to see which fast food trends in your town?



Fast food restaurant: McDonald’s

Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Maine has the freshest Mc’food you’ve ever had.

Fun Fact – Ray Kroc might be the name many people associate with McDonald’s, but the founders of the first McDonald’s were brothers Dick and Mac McDonald.




Fast food restaurant: Taco Bell

Outside of their rich Hispanic culture, Nevada’s Taco Bell stores have been thriving for years. And with a menu that’s often seasonal, their lines are always long.

Fun Fact – The Taco Bell Flagship Restaurant in Vegas is probably one of the fanciest Taco Bells ever – it has a DJ booth, alcoholic Twisted Freezes, shareable appetizers, and is two stories!




Fast food restaurant: Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is totally the perfect place to hang at after a long day of school or work and there’s always plenty of ice cream options to choose from!

Fun Fact – The oldest Dairy Queen was in Minnesota. It was built in 1949, but unfortunately closed its doors in 2018.






Fast food restaurant: Whataburger 

Whataburger for Texas is the same for air for a human, one can’t live without the other.

Fun Fact – Whataburger’s founder Harmon Dobson wanted to create a burger so big that people had to hold it with two hands. He achieved his goal!






Fast food restaurant: Burger King

Surprising? Maybe, however, after trying some items from their fresh menu, you’ll quickly find out why this is the place to go to in the state of Florida.

Fun Fact – The first Burger King commercial hit the airways in 1958 on Miami’s VHF station.

New Jersey


Fast food restaurant: McDonald’s 

Whether you’re crossing the bridge, headed to work, or even headed home, McDonald’s is the go-to place for a quick satisfying meal in the Garden State.

Fun Fact – The McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald was introduced in 1963. The first actor to play the clown was Willard Scott, who also played Bozo the Clown.







Fast food restaurant: Slim Chickens

Don’t let the name fool you, this restaurant has plenty of chicken and they sell them by the boatloads, haha.

Fun Fact – The first Slim Chickens opened in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 2003. The restaurant that occupied the space before it? A sushi restaurant!


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