Egg-free Paleo Pumpkin Mugcake (vegan option)

by Sara Lilian
Egg-free Paleo Pumpkin Mugcake (vegan option)



This new “vegan” + paleo mugcake recipe came about as I wanted to offer the readers of my new cookbook some super simple mugcake treats, and make sure those who don’t eat eggs could also indulge.

I’ll be honest though, I’m on the fence whether or not this recipe should go into my new cookbook or not? If you try it, will you let me know what you think?

But promise me if you find it too dry, before commenting, please try making it a second time and slightly increase the amount of pumpkin puree by 1/2 to 1 extra Tablespoon. Also, please note: this recipe was developed to be cooked in a microwave! I know, I am not normally a fan of using the microwave, but have found they really do make such nice mug cakes. When I experimented with cooking my vegan mugcakes in the oven I did not get very good results.

I honestly really like this simple pumpkin treat, and with the added “cream cheese” frosting find the texture quite pleasing! For a vegan “cream cheese” you can try using a vegan cream cheese from my no-bake carrot cake recipe, or whip up some of coconut whip cream. I personally like using a little soft goat cheese lightly sweetened with maple syrup. And there are different “vegan cream cheese” options you can find in stores these days too.

Egg-free Pumpkin Paleo Mugcake (vegan option)

A simple single-serve vegan + paleo mugcake. Just mix ingredients together in a mug, microwave 90 seconds, and enjoy!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Servings 1 person
Calories 190 kcal
Author Andrea


1 Tablespoons ground flax / flax meal I prefer golden flax
2 Tablespoons pumpkin puree
1 Tablespoon maple syrup see notes for other sweeteners
2 Tablespoons almond flour
1/2 Tablespoon coconut flour
1/8 teaspoon baking soda
teeny tiny pinch sea salt
1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract okay to omit

Optional: a “cream cheese frosting”

you can top with a lightly sweetened thick coconut yogurt – or mix couple Tablespoons of soft goat cheese with a little maple syrup – or use a vegan cream cheese


This recipe requires a microwave. If you try using a standard oven you are at risk for a “soggy” cake. I find it cooks perfectly in the microwave.

For a larger serving you can double this recipe.

In a mug or small bowl, mix together ingredients in the order they are listed.

Mix well, then use the back of a spoon to smooth out the batter.

Microwave on high for 90 seconds. (If you double the recipe, increase microwave time to 2 minutes).

Let fully cool. This cake is best eaten directly out of the mug. And if desired top with “cream cheese frosting” or whipped coconut cream.

Recipe Notes

Sweetener Options: using a liquid sweetener like maple syrup is recommended, but if you want to use a granulated sweetener, try increasing the pumpkin puree to 2 1/2 or 3 Tablespoons.

Ground chia seed meal with also work in place of ground flax seed. I personally like this little pumpkin cake best with ground golden flax.

Tip: so that no pumpkin puree goes to waste, when I open a new can of pumpkin puree, I measure out 2 Tablespoon sized portions in an ice cube tray, freeze, then store in a baggie in the freezer for easy use. – Then simply microwave the pumpkin puree ice cube for 30 to 40 seconds to thaw, and mix in remaining ingredients.

Estimated nutrition facts using MyFitnessPal.

Notes: For a lower carb version, you can replace maple syrup with a sugar-alcohol like lakanto. If you swap in a granulated sweetener you will need to increase the pumpkin puree to 2 1/2 or 3 Tablespoons to prevent creating a mugcake that is too dry. Maple syrup is included in the calculation below, it accounts for 53 calories and 14 total carbs.

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